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an introduction, if you please...

greetings and salutations :)

name: sarah
age: 28
location: southwest michigan

a bit about my diy interests for your viewing pleasure:

- i'm currently learning bookbinding and papermaking. i love papercrafts and collect interesting papers. i'd like to learn more about screenprinting and lithography.

- i have a huge green thumb. i work mostly with container gardening, since i live in an apartment that was built in an old industrial neighborhood. i like to can and preserve the extras from my garden and give them as gifts! i'd really like to start a seed collection. i'd be glad to swap for heirloom seeds. i don't have any myself, but i have plenty of other interesting things!

- i make shadow boxes. i'm really inspired by joseph cornell's boxes.

- i like to modify my clothing, although my knowledge of sewing is near non-exhistant. i'd definitely like to learn to sew. i love to stencil.

- i'm a pretty talented cook. i'm a vegetarian, so it's always fun to come up with interesting ways to get my friends to eat vegetables.

i'd really love to find a penpal (real life writing). especially someone interested in gardening and diy ethics. self sustainability is one of my biggest goals... i'm currently living in michigan, but hoping to move to oregon within the next year. perhaps there is someone out that way that would like to share correspondance? also, i'm interested in finding an intentional community in or near portland... any suggestions?
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