glitterophelia (glitterophelia) wrote in diylife,

Hi, I'm new!

*Your name: Cherrie
*Where you're from: currently, the Portland-metro area of Oregon
*Areas of DIY you are interested in learning about: Right now, I want to learn more about crafts, particularly crochet, embroidery, things like that. :)
*Areas of DIY you are interested in sharing your knowledge about. I have taught myself to bead and have a small jewelry business that my fiance and I both work on. We started to do it mostly for extra money, but also because I always have so many ideas on designs that I don't see in normal stores, or if I do, it's completely out of my price range. Designing jewelry has been really fun and makes me feel like I'm really doing something constructive, which is why I want to learn things like crochet--eventually I'd love to learn to sew but I don't feel quite ready for that. I just want to be able to design more wearable items, I guess. :) Not just for selling to help support my family but also for myself. :)

I'm so happy to find a community like this! I hadn't found a community before that talks about diy in all parts of life. :) yay!
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