julie-puss (joyful_grrrl) wrote in diylife,

Another new Portlander :)

My name is Julie.

I reside in Portland Oregon.

My top things I want to learn about are making things with bamboo, and backyard chicken care. Also, any sort of (period-specific) home improvement stuff for the tiny little 1920's bungalow my gf and I just moved into! And permaculture stuff.

I need to think of skills I can share. I know I have some! Sewing-for-lazy-people, perhaps? I've made some cool stuff and rarely use patterns. And I successfully transplanted and moved 5 tomato plants and 3 peppers across town, which no one thought I could do! Hmm. I'm sure I'm going to be learning a ton in the next year or so with this house, so I can share that too.
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