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Do It Yourself Life

Cause you don't wanna buy someone else's stuff.

DIY Life
Your Ideas,
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a DIY community for those interested in sharing ideas and/or learning about new ways to live the DIY life. This is not a community for selling. There are plenty of other places to do that.

We are currently seeking "How To" posts for the following general subject areas:
Alternative Careers, Animal Care, Art Techniques, Art Careers, Basic Home Repair, Candlemaking, Car Maintenance/Repair, Clothing Design, Computer Graphics, Computer Programs, Crafts, Furniture Design and Creation, Gardening, Getting Stuff for Free (NOT free samples lists/links), Home Improvement, Living "Off the Grid", Making your Own Bath/Beauty Products, Music Industry Careers, Natural Medicine, Publishing, Recipes, Sewing, Soap Making, Traveling Inexpensively, Zine Production

Do It Yourself Life

We'd appreciate it if you posted an introduction once you've joined. You may feel free to lurk but getting to know who is out there reading will help us provide things you'd like to read!

*Your name
*Where you're from
*Areas of DIY you are interested in learning about
*Areas of DIY you are interested in sharing your knowledge about.

Easy Rules to Follow:

New posters are moderated until they post an introduction and one subsequent post. If you break any of the rules of this community you will be returned to moderation until the moderators feel able to trust you again.

You may not post any of the following: links to Ebay auctions or list prices for items, things like "This is for sale!!! Contact Me!!!", spam, lists of links, promotions for other communities, or any "How To" posts that involve bodily harm on another human and/or yourself (ie bomb building, suicide, etc). If you have a website, you may post a discreet link to your website at the end of a post. If this is abused you will be put on moderation.

Do not post a picture of what you have made/done unless you feel comfortable sharing your methods with the group. If you feel like it's a "trade secret" or you'll "lose profit" by sharing how you made it, this is not the place to post the item.

If you are posting large pictures or more than one picture they must be behind an LJ cut. Cuts are also appreciated for extra long text posts, but are not required.

Any posts that are not "How To" posts should have a blank subject line. If it is a "How To" post the subject line should red "How To _____" (Fill in the blank with whatever you are sharing how to do.) All "How To" posts will be added to the Memories section by the moderator.

If you have a question about how to do something, check the Memories section first, to see if there is already a post on that subject.

You may contact your moderator, katydid_canuk at her personal journal, or through yahoo messenger (canuckgirlnextdoor).